Party held in 16th of November 2018 at Channel 1969(Seoul) produced by Ho Hur.

SWB X Clubkid was the first Clubkid party in Seoul which performed with Live Vjing.

Producer _ Ho Hur
VJing _ Jin Woo

Club kid Performance _

                              HOSO HAILEY SODOMITE






Photo _ Mago Um

  I've been thinking about the lack of a place to show short animation films and the limited time of screening of animation compare with the long period of drawing for the finished film.
  And that thought droved me to plan a party where I could do make an animation screening in a different way.

  I asked the artists who do Clubkid drags that go beyond gender to become themselves and make performance inspired by Sawingbug's animation.

  The party was presented in the form of a Drag performance after screening the short animations of Sewingbug.

  Jin Woo, who is the animation director of original films, showed VJ by mixing drawing sauce and 3D visuals on the stage with the Drag artist.
  Through a three-month meeting with artists, she made visuals for each music and stage, which were able to perform in a more collaborative manner and satisfying quality.


_Producer Ho Hur